On a daily basis there are tens of thousands of attacks on the Internet, operated by criminals seeking weaknesses within organisations of all sizes - with a single goal: to profit on the misfortune of others.

The Cyber Security Team service allows you to shift the burden of protecting your network from these criminals on us - we worry about your information security whilst you drive forward your core business.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the UK Government's information assurance scheme for small to medium businesses.

The UK Goverment recommend that all small to medium businesses implement the controls described within Cyber Essentials - as this will help protect these businesses against the majority of threats that SMEs face.

Cyber Security Team's service is specifically designed to cover - and exceed - the elements defined by Cyber Essentials.

Security Policy

Tailor the security policy for your organsiation on our portal...

Cyber Security Team Service

The Cyber Security Team service provides an array of fully-managed and monitored security controls to ensure that your business does not fall victim to attack.

In addition to the technical features protecting your network we provide regular reporting so you can easily keep track on the health of the information security of your business.

Software Updates

Virtually all malware takes advantage of widely known software weaknesses - we close down these weaknesses through proactive patching of your systems.


Malware is released continually - our central management system distributes AV updates to all of your systems daily.

Email Filtering

Email is the primary conduit for malware to enter a network - we remove malware, phishing and spam in the cloud before it hits your systems.

Host Firewall

A centrally-managed firewall installed on your workstations protects from unwanted connection attempts within your local network.

Network Firewall

A securely-configured government-accredited firewall on the edge of your network provides protection from the Internet.

Web Filtering

The Web Filtering component prevents your workstations from accessing known malicious systems on the Internet and website categories you wish to block.

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